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2004. A Complete Wood Grain Modeling Application Incorporating Multiple Cut Types, Species, and a Tree Ring Database. Ryan Retting

2004. A Survey on the Use of Formal Methods in Software Engineering. Malvinder Sikand

2004. Artificial Intelligence Search Techniques for Long Range Interception and Evasion for Constant Acceleration Spacecraft. Eric Rall

2004. Middle Game Analysis of Go Using Localized Combinatorial Game Search Techniques for Acyclic Graphs. Gregory Werner

2004. User Requirements for Music Rights Management. Jeff Marinko

2004. An Efficient Filter-Based, Context-Aware, Cross-Site Logging Framework for MVC Web Applications. Adrian Ridner

2004. Data Mining Using Neural Networks with Rule Extraction. Kevin Craig

2004. Prototyping in Industry: A Survey of Prototyping Use in Software Development. Julie Hatalsky

2004. Design by Contract- A Comparison to Traditional Practices with Case Studies. Judy Tantivongsathaporn

2004. Price Track Online Price Comparison System. Chiung-Ju Zoe Chuang

2004. Centralizing Authorization Information: Exploring Authorization Concepts via a Web Service-Based Prototype using SOAP, SAML, and Oracle. Nicole Wilson

2004. Managing Tasks Using Peripheral Displays. Joe Ryan

2004. The Third Generation Cal Poly Intelligent Network Interface Card (CiNIC) Host Interface. Scott Thomas

2004. Active Network Algorithm Performance on a Network Processor: Adaptive Metric Based Routing and Multicast. Dave Gridley

2004. A Novel Distributed Denial-of-Service Detection Algorithm. Brett Tsudama

2004. Software for the Visualization and Analysis of Pedestrian Travel Through Tree Dimensional Terrain, and its Archaeological Applications. Brian Wood

2004. Using Heuristics to select the Spanning Tree Bridging Algorithms. Michael Wang

2004. An online collaborative prototyping tool designed to facilitate communication between developer and end-user on early user-interface requirements. Chad Pond

2004. Electronic Voting Systems: A Requirements Analysis. Joseph Sosinski

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2003. A Genetic Algorithm for Stock Portfolio Selection. Ceri Mullin

2003. Enhancing the Security of Mobile Agent System. Sindhu Murari

2003. Ontology of Semantic Categorization of Unstructured Documents. Ching Kang Cheng

2003. Web Service and Semantic Web: Enabling Self-Configuring Systems. Steve Gollery

2003. Design and Implementation of a Rich Client Weblog Authoring Tool. Neel Murarka

2003. The PF-CNIC Protocol Family Interface. Eric Hawkins

2003. Analysis of Web Service as the Digital Lifestyle Architecture. Eric Wood

2003. Model View Controller Design Pattern Using Struts Application Framework. Kit Lai

2003. Dynamic Information Visualization for Advancement. Danny Grieb

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2002. A Study of Data Mining Clustering Applications for Large, Multi-Dimensional Data Sets. Marie Forbes

2002. A Partial Software Implementation of the ANSI/IEEE Standard 754-1985: IEEE Standard for Binary Floating-Point Arithmetic. Francis Shaw

2002. A Virtual Internet Service Provider. Charlie Sheppard

2002. Binary Tree Algorithms Applet - A tool for Visualization and Learning. Michael Neumann

2002. A Knowledge Management Tool with Knowlet Framework. Hong Li

2002. Generative Search Methods for Computer Graphics. John Olmstead

2002. Organizing Mobile Wireless Ad Hoc Networks Using Mobile Agents. Bard Strom

2002. Integration of Data from Heterogeneous Biological Databases using CORBA and XML. Jon Eriksson

2002. Effective Call Admission Control for Video Phone Applications. Paul Hatalsky

2002. Software and Algorithms for Three Dimensional Bin Packing and Container Loading, which Automates the Process of Creating Good Arrangements of Boxes Into Bins. Daniel Patel

2002. Accommodating different Learning Styles - Developing an Interactive Teaching Tutorial. Magnus Aase

2002. Adapting the ICDM Object Server from CORBA to EJB. Robert Chambers

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2001. Bloom's Taxonomy Agent: A Case Study of the Development of an Instructional Design Agent. Michael Stickland

2001. Design and Implementation of the CiNIC Software Architecture on a Windows Host. Peter Huang

2001. Application of Mobile Agent Technology to Warehouse Management and Supply Chain. Alfredo Macias

2001. Hazardous Material Agent. Andrew Cannon

2001. The Horsepower Trading Platform: A Case Study in Building an Internet B2B E-Commerce Exchange. Jeff Allen and David Isham

2001. Indexing for Adaptive Association Rule Queries. Ying-Pong Chen

2001. Cross-Assembler for Advanced Computer System. Nazetri Prasetyo

2001. The Making of the .The Education of a Young Engineer. A Computer Animated Short. Thom Dang and Bryon Westmoreland

2001. Lossless Compression Using Binary Necklace Classes and Multiple Huffman Trees. Jason Marchant

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2000. Atomicity and Concurrency Control for Mobile Agent Applications. Yajun Liu

2000. Public Key Cryptosystems Based on NP-Complete Problems. Horace Jew

2000. Semantics in Distributed Systems. Dirk Hogan

2000. Web Caching Lantency Analysis-A case study of implementing, A client-side web caching system based on the Linux platform. Ying-Lin Chen

2000. A Comparative Study of Real-Time Operating Systems. Kathryn Bruno

2000. Automated Chess Playing. Tim Young

2000. Intelligent Scheduling. Jon Hergert

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1999. The wood object modeling tool. Michelle Courier.

1999. A performance analysis of caching dynamic web objects. Domingo Colon.

1999. Protocol performance evaluation of Ipv6 for Windows NT. Peter Xie.

1999. A market oriented algorithm for approximating the 0-1 multiple knapsack problem. Brent Smolinski.

1999. Performance measurement of network application. Siu Ming Lo.

1999. Analysis of partially structured neural networks. Wilbur Hsu.

1999. Prototyping a video conferencing application on the Linux platform. Chris Chen.

1999. Data Replication Design and Implementation in a Legacy System. Don Maddy.

1999. Tree Parameterization for Wood Grain Modeling. Mike Matsui.

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1998. Re-engineering a protocol conversion for the vessel traffic center system. Jason Varley.

1998. Aspects of polygonal interference and placements. Ravi Annamaneni.

1998. Optimum embeddings to fibonacci cube. Huiyu (Hayley) Zhang.

1998. Design of a large format bi-manual human computer interface. Darren Saxon

1998. Building web-based enterprise applications. Liza Gee.

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1997. A multi-context uniprocessor : another multithreaded architecture Computer architecture. Yang, Chia Wei.

1997. A new approach for teaching introductory programming languages/Programming languages (Electronic computers) -- Study and Habib, Khaled.

1997. CAVEAT : an investigation into distributed systems. Expert systems (Computer science) Cannon, Judy L. (Judy L. Flett-Cannon)

1997. Design and implementation of a 3D puppeteering engine / by Three-dimensional display systems. Cancilla, Michael P.

1997. FSM, PDA and TMB : b microworlds for the machine models of Microsoft Visual C++. Porrello, Anne Marie.

1997. JAMS : Java Applet-based Management System / by Suwat Phruksawan. Java (Computer program language) Phruksawan, Suwat.

1997. A framework for distributed opportunistic rule firing using Cobra. Brad Flood.

1997. From GradApp to COLA: the development life-cycle of Cal Poly's internet-based graduate student admissions software. Michael T. Yee.

1997. Woodgrain modeling. Scott Senkeresty.

1997. Cooperative www proxies. Jim Aviani

1997. Constructing complex graphical objects from simple primitives using hypertextures. Peter Van Horn.

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1996. A bitmapped Chinese character generator for Macintosh / by Shyh- Chinese characters -- Computer programs. Huarng, Shyh-Jer.

1996. A user friendly outline font generator for Chinese characters / Chinese characters -- Computer programs. Sung, Hsinning.

1996. An experiment using evolutionary algorithms on the Traveling Traveling-salesman problem. Denmon, Bobbie Holman.

1996. DCLIPS : a distributed implementation of CLIPS using PVM / by CLIPS (Computer program language) Lockwood, Donald W.

1996. Design and implementation of an autonomous agent in a multiagent Expert systems (Computer science) -- Computer programs. Bashyam, Suresh Babu.

1996. Facilitating concurrent use of the San Luis Integrated San Luis Integrated Development Environment (Computer system) McKinnon, Todd Roland.

1996. Force employment analysis tool / by Alan Davis, Ramakrishna Decision-making -- Data processing. Davis, Alan W., 1966-

1996. Geometrically precise inferencing in a demonstrational interface User interfaces (Computer systems) Shaw, Nancy Boyle.

1996. Machine abstractions for software distribution / by Stephen Bruce Cross-platform software development. Luck, Stephen Bruce.

1996. PGDraw : a comparison between relational and object-relational Object-oriented databases. Karr, Julie R.

1996. Persistence in ICODES / by Sufie Seifoddini. Expert systems (Computer science) Seifoddini, Sufie.

1996. The acquisition of a computer solution at Cal Poly's new UNIX Operating systems (Computers) -- Evaluation. Kim, Kyunghee Connie.

1996. The design and implementation of an object-based, interrupt Operating systems (Computers) Griffin, Michael Craig.

1996. The development of the INFORM tutorial : a traditional software Propositional calculus -- Computer-assisted instruction. Ludi, Stephanie Ann.

1996. Using Web technology to manage TCP/IP networked environments / by Computer networks -- Management. Meyers, Romy J.

1996. VisiTile : a visual language development toolkit / by David K. Visual programming languages (Computer science) Lewicki, David K.

1996. Fictitious imperative language system (Fils). Trang To.

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1995. A system for search and organization of Internet resources using Internet (Computer network) Rudkin, Kristine M.

1995. A visual C++ celestial system / by Christopher J. Schille. Celestial reference systems. Schille, Christopher J.

1995. An information browser for a frame-based, distributed knowledge- Expert systems (Computer science) Salzgeber, Coe Lorie.

1995. Artificial intelligence and cognitive psychology : an experiment Artificial intelligence. Blanc, Lori A., 1970-

1995. Backstage : an exercise in fault-tolerant distributed database Electronic data processing -- Backup processing alternatives. Fang, Xun Shawn.

1995. CLASSES : a multicampus class scheduling expert system for the Schedules, School -- Mississippi -- Data processing. Etheredge, Winona Leger.

1995. DemoMation : the integration of demo and animation framework / by Graphical user interfaces (Computer systems) Nguyen, Suzanne.

1995. Design and implementation of the SLIDE database interface / by Computer software -- Development. France, Stephen Paul.

1995. Draping images on three dimensional geological models / by Geological modeling. Clary, Patricia Ellen.

1995. MERCURY : a real-time message management facility for distributed Computer networks. Pohl, Kym Jason.

1995. PVMCLIPS : the design and implementation of a multi-agent CLIPS (Computer program language) Ayesh, Taqi-Al-Deen T.

1995. Redesigning the DEMO user interface system. Part II, Conditional User interfaces (Computer systems) Kamal, Rudytrisno.

1995. Rendering of volume data sets with line integral convolution / by Flow visualization. Jancarik, Alesh.

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1994. A genetic algorithmic approach to a timetable scheduling Production scheduling. Noehren, Michael George.

1994. A genetic algorithmic approach to a timetable scheduling Production scheduling. Noehren, Michael George.

1994. A hybrid neural network training algorithm / by James A. Neural networks (Computer science) Thompson, James A.

1994. An image sequence controller for an analog optical disk / by Image transmission. Hileman, Darren Jay.

1994. Implementing file transfer, access, and management protocol using Computer network protocols. Lo, Bryan Mingtai.

1994. Light pipes : a new method for global illumination / by James Image processing -- Digital techniques. Berney, James Patrick.

1994. Micro statistics package for Microsoft Windows / by Ching Yui Statistics -- Computer programs. Wong, Ching Yui.

1994. Redesigning the DEMO user interface system. Part I, Recording User interfaces (Computer systems) Hardy, Melinda Patrice.

1994. Remote object-oriented liaison emulation system : a desktop Computer conferencing. Tam, Alexander Wachung.

1994. The design and implementation of a multimedia client-server Multimedia systems. Kellner, John Edward.

1994. UPS, invoice and inventory application / by Sheauping Chien. United Parcel Service -- Rates -- Data processing. Chien, Sheauping.

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1993. A fast method to simulate radiation heat transfer / by Vincent E. Heat -- Transmission -- Computer simulation. Beckner, Vincent E.

1993. A framework for animation by demonstration / by Hsin-hui Sung. Computer animation. Sung, Hsin-hui.

1993. A shared memory based client-server communication in X Window X Window System (Computer system) Tamsil, Yosef Rizal.

1993. A system level simulation of JPL/Caltech's hyperswitch Communication -- Network analysis. Huang, Grace.

1993. An expert system prototype for grocery store product promotions / Grocery trade -- Data processing. Grandjean, Paul.

1993. An object-oriented approach to simulation / by Lois Lew. Object-oriented programming (Computer science) Lew, Lois.

1993. DCESD : a post-mortem distributed cooperative expert system Expert systems (Computer science) Huang, KuoMing.

1993. Distributed light pipes / by Kevin Bradford Chesney. Image processing -- Digital techniques. Chesney, Kevin Bradford.

1993. Enhancement to Widgematic, a graphic user interface builder / by User interfaces (Computer systems) Chen, Hsing-Hsing Sammy.

1993. FSA : an editor and simulator for finite state automata / by Yvan Computer simulation. Roux, Yvan.

1993. Real-time traffic intersection simulation with graphical Traffic flow -- Simulation methods. Van den Bogaerde, Jack.

1993. Refinements and enhancements to a demonstrational interface User interfaces (Computer systems) Farley, Bezita S.

1993. Run-time improvement mechanisms for time warp simulations / by Electronic data processing -- Distributed processing. Coburn, Mark.

1993. The conversion of acoustic signal to musical instrument digital Musical instruments, Electronic. Horio, Shigenori.

1993. Workload analysis and simulation model for the FDDI backbone Fiber Distributed Data Interface (Computer network standard) Tsai, Joyce Ching-Yu.

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1992. A frame-based design prototype database / by James Daniel Snyder Frames (Information theory) Snyder, James Daniel.

1992. A process group approach to the implementation of the two-phase Distributed databases. Hume, Charles Clark.

1992. A study of selective-repeat ARQ and sliding window protocol in Data transmission systems. Yao, Bob Ginlom.

1992. An examination of a restart function for the ICADS blackboard Computer-aided design. Johnson, Dean Nathan.

1992. Automated software analysis of nuclear core discharge data / by Nuclear reactors -- Refueling -- Safety measures. Larson, Ted W.

1992. Calculating the intersection of non-uniform rational B-spline Computer graphics. Andresen, Daniel Andrew.

1992. Enhancement of the Widgematic interface builder / by Mei-wen Li. User interfaces (Computer systems) Li, Mei-wen.

1992. Extending the capabilities of a user interface development system User interfaces (Computer systems) Busse, Dale Edward.

1992. Graphic display for flight simulation on a Hewlett-Packard Flight simulators. Ding, Yan.

1992. ICDMS : a high-level "strategy" approach to knowledge acquisition Expert systems (Computer science) Wuilleumier, Mark Stephen.

1992. Improving the performance of news management software / by Rodney Information storage and retrieval systems. Raines, Rodney Doyle.

1992. Improving the presentation of attributes in a X GUI builder / by X Window System (Computer system) Lee, Emma Yu-Mei.

1992. MARBLE2 : Multiple Accessible Rete Blackboard Linked Experts 2 / Blackboard systems (Computer programs) Fowler, Thomas D.

1992. Micro statistics package for Microsoft Windows / by Richard James Microsoft Windows (Computer file) Seddon, Richard James.

1992. Networked audiovisual equipment and media scheduling system / by California Polytechnic State University, San Luis Obispo. Burley, Eileen Elizabeth.

1992. Server-less distributed shared memory / by Peter D. Ogilvie. Memory management (Computer science) Ogilvie, Peter D.

1992. Simulation analysis for the AIX subnet / by Peter Niemann. AIX (Computer file) Niemann, Peter.

1992. Simulation analysis of the CSL network / (Robert) Chang Lee. Computer networks -- California -- San Luis Obispo -- Computer Lee, Robert Chang.

1992. The extended RETE OPS5-like shell XRETE : a fast retraction Algorithms. Rivera, Felipe A.

1992. The layout editor of an X GUI builder / by Cliff (Kuotung) Hsia. Graphical user interfaces (Computer systems) Hsia, Cliff (Kuotung)

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1991. A comparison of two neural network training algorithms / by John Neural networks (Computer science) Crowe, John Andrew.

1991. A high availability database using a backup database server / by Data recovery (Computer science) Wilder, William Michael.

1991. A software testbed for the study of X.400 electronic messaging / Electronic mail systems. Dudeck, John R.

1991. Inference mechanism in an expert system for damage assessment of Buildings -- Earthquake effects. Tedjokusuma, Sukanto.

1991. PC communication utility and OSI implementation / by Kai Chi. Microcomputers. Chi, Kai.

1991. Ray tracing uniform bicubic B-spline surfaces / by Cheng-Kun Spline theory. Chen, Cheng-kun.

1991. Re-engineering a flight simulator / by Sarah Ann Quady. Software engineering. Quady, Sarah Ann.

1991. Simo : a hypertext system for library information retrieval / by Hypertext systems. Robinson, Joseph LeRoy.

1991. The development and analysis of a Bourne shell compiler / by John Compilers (Computer programs) Conti, John Vincent.

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1990. A computerized guide to insect pest management / by Norman Wayne Insect pests -- Control -- Computer programs. Kamimoto, Norman Wayne.

1990. MARBLE : Multiple Accessible Rete Blackboard Linked Experts / by Blackboard systems (Computer programs) Cabral, Liliana S.

1990. Simulation analysis for the machine room and AIX subnetworks / by Ethernet (Local area network system) -- Computer simulation. Garcia, Raymundo.

1990. The MINIX development project / by Scott Larribeau. Operating systems (Computers) Larribeau, Scott.

1990. Workload analysis for machine room and AIX subnet traffic / by Ethernet (Local area network system) White, Carole.

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1989. A system that interprets automata / by Heung Sung Park. Machine theory. Park, Heung Sung.

1989. ATLAS generation using HyperCard / by Curtis Alan Marantz. ATLAS (Computer file) Marantz, Curtis Alan.

1989. An English sentence structure analyzer / by Mon Chung Wong. English language -- Sentences -- Computer programs. Wong, Mon Chung.

1989. An emergency communication system for Los Angeles County Jail / Jails -- California -- Los Angeles -- Communication systems. Fischer, Fred.

1989. An extensible software message monitor for the Mach operating Operating systems (Computers) Toftner, Elizabeth Claire.

1989. An implementation of a subset of the Graphical Kernel System GKS (Computer system) Hughes, Mark Leonard.

1989. Database technology : reaching the casual user / by Charles Allen Data bases. Black, Charles Allen.

1989. Designing a hypervisor on IBM PC / by Din-I Tsai. Memory management (Computer science) Tsai, Din-I.

1989. Executive support system for the Macintosh computer / by Michael Macintosh (Computer) Morgan, Michael J.

1989. GroupTalk : a teleconferencing software for IBM PC/XT/AT's / by Computer networks -- Software. Yeh, Ryh-Wei.

1989. Improvements to a graphical user interface generator / by Kenneth User interfaces (Computer systems) Astl, Kenneth.

1989. MQL : a functional query language / by May Christina Parr. Programming languages (Electronic computers) Parr, May Christina.

1989. The MM garbage collector for C++ / by Thomas Wang. C++ (Computer program language) Wang, Thomas.

1989. The Motorola MC68000 simulator / by Charles Michael Samson. Motorola 68000 (Microprocessor) Samson, Charles Michael.

1989. The design and implementation of a local area network / by Gene Local area networks (Computer networks) Richardson, Gene Oren, Jr.

1989. The parallel access processor (PAP) / by Glen Franklin Wetzel. Architecture -- Data processing. Wetzel, Glen Franklin.

1989. Using structured design / by Kenneth Alan Hoyt. Structural design. Hoyt, Kenneth Alan.

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1988. A Rete compiler and interpreter / by Trinidad Arenas Jimenez. Algorithms. Jimenez, Trinidad Arenas.

1988. A geometric reasoning system for the planning and emulation of Sheet-metal work -- Data processing. Michalski, Clifford L.

1988. A syntax checker and editor for DMIS / by Hadia Sayed Darwish. Programming languages (Electronic computers) -- Syntax. Darwish, Hadia Sayed.

1988. A task switcher for the MS-DOS operating system on the IBM PC / MS-DOS (Computer file) Lu, Chia-Lin.

1988. An implementation of an access specification language / by Programming languages (Electronic computers) Sherrill, Charles David.

1988. Application development with HyperCard / by D. Bruce Graff. HyperCard (Computer file) Graff, D. Bruce.

1988. Continuous simulation systems and an I/O interface using Ada / by Ada (Computer program language) Motiei, Ahmad.

1988. Design specifications for an organization code database / by Diablo Canyon Nuclear Powerplant (Calif.) -- Data processing. Holtz, Jeanine D.

1988. IKNOW : a natural language understanding system / by Hugh Scott Natural language processing (Computer science) Josephs, Hugh Scott.

1988. Knowledge engineering aspects of building SMART-STRUCT : a Smart (Computer file) Chauvet, Hannah L.

1988. PEBBLE: parallel execution of blackboard-linked experts / by Parallel processing (Electronic computers) Tsieh-yu Cheng, Don Erickson, Lee Nakamura, Peggy Rodriguez, R. Cass Russet, Terri Sipantzi.

1988. Parameter estimation in non-linear biological models / by Barbara Parameter estimation. Van Ness, Barbara.

1988. XPrototyper : an X windows prototyping tool / Anne Prototypes, Engineering -- Computer programs. Adams, Frances McAleavey.

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1987. A comparison of centralized and decentralized database management Database management. Lee, Maoshuo.

1987. A stochastic method of terrain texturing using fractional Flight simulators. Caldwell, Thomas Shelby.

1987. A three-dimensional graphics environment for displaying USGS Computer graphics -- Computer programs. Floro, Lawrence Arthur.

1987. An implementation of the trapdoor knapsack cryptosystem / by Cryptography. Stoffel, Susan Marie.

1987. Automated image processing for corneal topography / by Richard R. Cornea -- Surgery -- Automation. Jamison, Richard R.

1987. Computer English to Chinese translator / by Sean Jih-Siang Sheu. Machine translating. Sheu, Sean Jih-Siang.

1987. Departmental class scheduling software package for Cal Poly / by California Polytechnic State University, San Luis Obispo. Dept. Uran, Ainyahita Eva.

1987. Depth sorting triangularized parametric surfaces / by Hsueh-Mei Computer graphics. Hsu, Hsueh-Mei.

1987. Iconic simulation using network queueing on the Macintosh / by Computer simulation. Stocking, Terry T.

1987. Implementation of an integrated services digital network (ISDN) Integrated services digital networks. Parrott, Christopher.

1987. Interface enhancements for a UNIX windowing shell / by Fulton F. UNIX C shell. Gee, Fulton F.

1987. MDLGRAPH : Mandelbrot Set graphics package / by Don Harrison Color computer graphics. Depue, Don Harrison.

1987. Optimizing Pascal : machine independent optimizing Pascal (Computer program language) Welch, Donald J.

1987. Parallelism in rule-based expert systems / by Steven J. Zamek. Parallel processing (Electronic computers) Zamek, Steven J.

1987. Programming environment for an 8088-based memory-mapped smart I/O Computer input-output equipment. Dasko, Bradley James.

1987. Remote control of a PC on the IBM-PC LAN / by Barbara Ann IBM Personal Computer. Yerrington, Barbara Ann.

1987. The Ada Practicum with a special emphasis on tasking / by John J. Ada (Computer program language) Hinkle, John J.

1987. Xinu 68000, an operating system implementation / by David L. Xinu. Resch, David L.

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1986. A study of portability, efficiency, and enhancements for a UNIX (Computer file) Ogata, Lori.

1986. BACCHANT : a natural language system / by Christopher Donald Parsing (Computer grammar) Burdorf, Christopher Donald.

1986. Cellular automata tools / by Patrick James Miller. Cellular automata. Miller, Patrick James.

1986. Corneal topography / by Liang Xiaozhong, Liu Jyh-Chuang. Cornea. Liang, Xiaozhong.

1986. ELETREC : experience and learning in troubleshooting electronic Expert systems (Computer science) Cassidy, Rion Terrence.

1986. Executive information support system : a system developed through Management information systems. Huang, Lianq-Yeu.

1986. Flo : a data flow diagram editor for the Macintosh / by Peter Flow charts -- Editing. Shepherd, Peter J. (Peter John)

1986. Intermediate code interpreter / by Christine Michi Takata. Interpreters (Computer programs) Takata, Christine Michi.

1986. Microcomputer therapy for stutterers with a special emphasis on Stuttering. Epstein, Marsha M.

1986. Open systems interconnection : framework for file transfer / by File organization (Computer science) Albright, David Scott.

1986. Processing of corneascopic data using pattern recognition Cornea -- Data processing. Cohn, Jennifer A.

1986. Rational Pilot : a user interface programming language / by PILOT (Computer program language) Strangfeld, Richard Allen.

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1985. A Chinese character recognizer / by Chang C. Liu, Ta-Jen Rocky Chinese characters. Liu, Chang C.

1985. A Modula-2 implementation for UNIX / by Brian Thomas Phillips. Modula-2 (Computer program language) Phillips, Brian Thomas.

1985. A Xinu task manager for the Macintosh / by Frances McAleavey Xinu. Adams, Frances McAleavey.

1985. A computer software library management utility / by George L. Software maintenance. Westlund, George L.

1985. An expert system to optimize the physical file organization with File organization (Computer science) Mowery, Faye.

1985. FATE : a Fully Automated Test Environment for PL/I / by Mark PL/I (Computer program language) Podlaseck, Mark Edward.

1985. FSX : an executive control program for real-time, array Flight simulators -- Computer programs. Fannin, David Ernest.

1985. Microcomputer-based training : UTAS-80 development and quality Computer-assisted instruction. Ozaki, Lisa K.

1985. Optimistic concurrency controls in transaction processing systems Automatic control. Brenner, Donald Henry.

1985. Pas-Ed, a Pascal template editor / by Daniel Richard Brown. Turbo Pascal (Computer file) Brown, Daniel Richard.

1985. Supply tracking system / by Judith M. Shea. Medical supplies -- Inventories -- Data processing. Shea, Judith M.

1985. The XINU operating system for the IBM personal computer / by Xinu. Peng, Syou-Chin.

1985. The computer systems consultant's expert system / by Charles Computer industry. Dunbar, Charles Arnold.

1985. Travel database / by Cynthia Marie Wetzel. Travel agents -- Data processing. Cooley, Cynthia Marie Wetzel.

1985. XINU linked list implementation on the Macintosh / by Hua-Ching Xinu. Tsai, Hua-Ching.

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1983. Designing an advanced microcomputer system / by Leonard Microcomputers. McCrigler, Leonard.

1983. FENIX, the development of a UNIX look-alike / by Laurie A. Lew. UNIX (Computer file) Lew, Laurie A.

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1982. A distributed order processing application / by Jacqueline Electronic data processing -- Distributed processing. Bayne, Jacqueline.

1982. Computer aided design and drafting on an Apple II microcomputer / Engineering design -- Data processing. Saleme, Lance Guy.

1982. Microcomputer software piracy / by Mark D. Heinrich. Microcomputers. Heinrich, Mark D.

1982. SCED, a structure chart editor / by Roger Alan McKee. Pascal (Computer program language) McKee, Roger Alan.

1982. Simulation of the waterway network model / by Hamid Tamaddon. Inland navigation -- Simulation methods. Tamaddon, Hamid.

1982. X.POLY : design and implementation of a "host to network" Computer interfaces -- Design and construction. Kurth, Wilf.

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1981. A stepwise approach to computer network simulation / by Kent Computer simulation. Worker, Kent Michael.

1981. Applying petri nets to model a call processng signaling protocol

1981. Hacijan's algorithm / by George Tomlinson. Algorithms. Tomlinson, George.

1981. TEKNET, a network simulation system / by Brett K. Carver. Computer networks -- Simulation methods. Carver, Brett K.

1981. The effects of CAI on a third grade mathematics class / by Computer-assisted instruction. Kamo, Clement M.

1981. The micro statistics package / by Patrick Lee Marsh. Statistics -- Data processing. Marsh, Patrick Lee.

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1980. A microprocessor based computer aided dispatching system for the San Luis Obispo (Calif.). Fire Dept. Rostov, Pasha A

1980. Alger : the design and implementation of a relational DBMS / by Database management. Ritzman, Stephen Joseph.

1980. An implementation of the 8086 microprocessor / by Lawrence Carl Microprocessors. Boberg, Lawrence Carl.

1980. Computer aided surface generation by David Herbert Kratzer. Surfaces. Kratzer, David Herbert.

1980. Design and implementation of a relational database management Database management. Tabatabai, Parto.

1980. MATHLIB--a numerical analysis library / by Irving M. Prais. Numerical analysis. Prais, Irving M.

1980. Test data analysis verification of the DASS/ARC System / by Ames Research Center. Smith, Spring Susan, 1954-

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1979. Computer science operating systems laboratory / by Charlotte Operating systems (Computers) -- Study and teaching (Higher) -- Davis, Charlotte Elizabeth.

1979. Logic analyzers for virtual machines / by David C. Fenwick. Virtual computer systems. Fenwick, David C.

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1978. Computerized residential construction estimation / by David B. Building -- Estimates -- Computer programs. Short, David B.

1978. DBS, a data base management system query language simulator by Pascal (Computer program language) Weinstein, Gary Paul.

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1977. A study of process scheduling algorithms for a timesharing system Algorithms. Darmanian, Aram Harry.

1977. An IBM 360 architecture simulator / by James D. Fassenfelt. IBM 360 (Computer) -- Programming. Fassenfelt, James D.

1977. Extensions of the d release policy for reservoir design and Reservoirs -- Design and construction. Taylor, Randolph James.

1977. Operating system design featuring Simultaneous Peripheral Operating systems (Computers) Yang, Min Eric.

1977. Translator construction / by Takashi Chaya. Translators (Computer programs) Chaya, Takashi.

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1976. A microcomputer-driven music display / by Brett K. Nelson. Computer music. Nelson, Brett K.

1976. A plot description system for off-line computer generated Computer graphics. Mallory, Steven R.

1976. A single wave plasma model / by Michael Dunlop. Plasma waves -- Computer programs. Dunlop, Michael.

1976. B-tree Automatic Effort-free Random/Sequential Access Method / by BAERSAM. Baer, Lawrence Richard.

1976. Computer organ / by Stephen Dale Parsons. Computer music. Parsons, Stephen Dale.

1976. Descriptions and extensions to subroutine PDEONE / by Daniel Jay PDEONE (Computer program language). Grimm, Daniel Jay.

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1975. A COBOL-subset compiler / by Robert B. Streets. COBOL (Computer program language) Streets, Robert B.

1975. A transportable cross-assembler / by Johnny Albano, Jr. Assembler language (Computer program language) Albano, Johnny.

1975. Computer and statistical analysis of landslide impact on granitic Landslides -- Data processing. Muscato, Dennis Isador.

1975. The application of principles of top-down style in COBOL programs COBOL (Computer program language) Yazdanparast, Farshid.