CPE 466: Knowledge Discovery in Data
Lab 3 materials

ELECTIONS datataset

ELECTIONS dataset Home page
Documentation Dataset Schema domain.xml
Small KNOWN decision tree 20 data points tree03-20-numbers.csv tree03-20-words.csv
100 data points tree03-100-numbers.csv tree03-100-words.csv
The Decision Tree JPG PDF
Small tree 20 data points tree02-20-numbers.csv tree02-20-words.csv
Small tree 100 data points tree02-100-numbers.csv tree02-100-words.csv
Large tree 100 data points tree01-100-numbers.csv tree01-100-words.csv
Large tree 100 data points tree01-1000-numbers.csv tree01-1000-words.csv

IRIS Datasaet

Iris dataset is one of the most popular machine learning datasets. We use it to look at how C4.5 handles numeric attributes.
UCI Machine Learning Repository Page for the dataset HTML
Dataset Description iris.names
Dataset iris.data

April 19, 2018 dekhtyar at calpoly.edu