CSC 590: MS Thesis Seminar
Spring 2016

Instructor: Alexander Dekhtyar, dekhtyar at, 14-215

Office Hours:
Who Where
Tuesday 9:10am - 10:00am Alex 14-215
Wednsday 9:10am - 10:00am
11:10am - 12:00pm
Alex 14-215
Thursday 9:10am - 10:00am Alex 14-215

Additional appoinments: send email.

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Course Materials

Syllabus Postscript PDF
Wiki [GitHub] (private, 590 access required)

M.S.-related Materials

CS Dept. Information on the MS program HTML
Cal Poly's Office of Graduate programs HTML
MS-related forms HTML

Literature Search Resources

DBLP Trier site ACM SIGMOD site
ACM Digital Library Main page ACM SIGMOD Anthology
IEEE Computer Society Digital Library Main page
Publishers ScienceDirect (CS) Springer Springer: LNCS Elsevier
Bibliography Sites CS Bibliography Metapress PubZone
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Thesis Reading Due: April 25 Postscript PDF [April 4 , 2016]
Bibliography Due: April 25 Postscript PDF [April 4, 2016]
Thesis Intro Due: May 9 []
Experimental Design Due: June 5 []
Related Work Due: June 5 []
Short Presentation Due: May 2 Postscript PDF [April 4, 2016]
Long Presentation Due: December 3/10 []

Lecture Notes

Lecture 1 Syllabus and Intro PDF PowerPoint [September 24, 2014]
Lecture N-1 How to present your thesis: contents PowerPoint [September 24, 2014]
Lecture N How to present your thesis: style PowerPoint [September 24, 2014]

September 24, 2014 dekhtyar at