From Lexington, KY to San Luis Obispo, CA in one week

July 25 - August 1, 2007


It's been more than month and a half since we drove into San Luis Obispo, barely making the last hour of the trip in the middle of the night. All photos are developed and combined, and the memories are starting to fade, so it is time to document the trip.

Meet the crew

Cema Victor Alex

Trip in a nutshell

July 25 - Lexington, KY to Mt. Vernon, IL. 275 miles. States crossed: Kentucky, Indiana, Illinois

July 26 - Mt. Vernon, IL to Oklahoma City, OK. 562 miles. States crossed: Illinois, Missouri, Oklahoma. St. Louis. Gateway Arch.

July 27 - Oklahoma City, OK to Bernalillo, NM. 599 miles. States crossed: Oklahoma, Texas, New Mexico. Elk City, OK. National Route 66 Museum.

July 28 - Bernallilo, NM to Holbrook, AZ. 275 miles. States crossed: New Mexico, Arizona. Bernallilo, NM. Coronado National Monument. Arizona. Petrified Woods National Park. Holbrook, AZ. Wigwam Motel.

July 29 - Holbrook, AZ to Kingsman, AZ. 359 miles. States crossed: Arizona. Grand Canyon. Williams, AZ.

July 30 - Kingman, AZ to San Marcos, CA. 395 miles. States crossed: Arizona, Nevada, California. Hoover Dam, Mojave Desert.

July 31 - San Marcos, CA to San Luis Obispo, CA. 301 miles. States crossed: California. Legoland.

August 1-8 - in San Luis Obispo, CA.

Total trip: 2766 miles.

Crossed 10 states: KY->IN->IL->MO->OK->TX->NM->AZ->NV->CA

Fare thee well, our house

Hello, our new dwelling

Geography of San Luis Obispo as seen from Bishop's Peak

We took these pictures stanting on the slop of Bishop's Peak, about half-way up. We are looking towards East mostly. The hill on the right side of the picture (the one, our house is in) is Cerro San Luis, a.k.a., Madonna Mountain. The hill in the center of the image on the right is Terrace Hill. Behind him are South Hills, which separate two southern parts of town. Beyond San Luis Obispo, between South Hills and Cuesta Grade is Edna Valley, home to a number of vinyards and wineries. On the left-most image, the hill in the center of the picture is so-called "High-school Hill" - San Luis Obispo High school is located at its foot.

[September 15, 2007] Alex Dekhtyar