CSC/CPE 436 Mobile Application Development

This course will teach Android Application Development. It replaces the temporary CSC/CPE409 Android course I have taught since 2010.


Most all course content is in PolyLearn through the Cal Poly Portal. Course discussions will take place in Piazza. Labs are available to the public here. Background Java knowledge can be reviewed in this Udemy course. Contact Dr. Janzen for a coupon.

Hybrid Course

This course will be taught with a hybrid model. Half of the lecture and lab hours will occur face-to-face. Half will occur online.

Satisfying Degree Requirements

CSC/CPE436 will count as a technical elective for the CPE, CSC, and SE majors. See the latest catalog entries for Computer Engineering, Computer Science, Software Engineering.

If you are on older catalogs, in CSC and SE, CSC436 will count as a category 2 technical elective. You may petition the CSC/SE curriculum committee if you want to try to count CSC436 under a different category.

Catalog Description

Inception, development, testing, and deployment of mobile applications. Introduction to tools, libraries, and frameworks for one or more mobile platforms and devices. Emphasis on software engineering best practices for developing entrepreneurial or humanitarian mobile-centric applications. 3 lectures, 1 laboratory. Crosslisted as CPE/CSC 436