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CPE/CSC 480 F03 Artificial Intelligence Fall 2003
Status Final
Points 25
Deadline Part 1 Nov. 18
Deadline Part 2 Nov. 25

CPE/CSC 480 F03 Fall 2003 Assignment 4: Simple Reflex Robocode Agent

The task for this homework is to design and implement a simple reflex agent (without state information) using the Robocode agent toolkit.

The number of points for this homework is 25. The score will be determined by the quality of your design and implementation, the level of sophistication your agent achieves, and the performance of your agent in competition with other agents.

Agent Design

[5 points] In this part, you need to describe the overall architecture of your agent. It consists of the following sections: This part should concentrate on the general capabilities of your agent, and not on specific techniques that you use to endow your agent with these capabilities; that is the topic of the next section.


[5 points] Here you need to discuss specific implementation aspects of your agent, e.g. how you decided to realize the "reflexes" of the agent. You may include relevant parts of your source code here, but make sure that it is explained and commented well.


[15 points] Your agent should be able to compete with other Robocode agents. The performance of your agent will be evaluated in two stages:

Part 1: One-On-One Competition

For the first part, you need to submit the agent design and implementation documents as specified above, together with the code for your individual agent.

Part 2: One-On-Many Competition

The final version of your agent is due for the second part.

This is an individual homework, and you need to write your own Robocode agent. You are not allowed to incorporate code from other Robocode agents, e.g. from Internet repositories, or from other students. The use of Java libraries is allowed. Violations of this policy will result in lower scores for this assignment. In addition, the general Cal Poly policies on Academic Dishonesty: Cheating and Plagiarism apply.

Since this is an experimental homework, some aspects of the exact task definition and evaluation criteria will be discussed in class, and may be subject to some minor modifications.

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