CSC 480 Prerequisites

This course requires programming skills in at least one programming language such as Pascal, C/C++, or Java. Assignments will be done in Java; if you don't know Java, but are familiar with C++, you should be able to pick it up as we go. Formally, the prerequisites for the course as stated in the Cal Poly Catalog] are CSC 103 (Fundamentals of Computer Science III) and CSC 141 (Discrete Structures I). Since these courses also have prerequisites, the expanded chain of prerequisites is
CSC 480 (Artificial Intelligence)
  => CSC 103 (Fundamentals of Computer Science III) 
      => CSC 102 (Fundamentals of Computer Science II)
          => CSC 101 (Fundamentals of Computer Science I)
          => MATH 141 or MATH 221
      => CSC 141 (Discrete Structures I); see below
  => CSC 141 (Discrete Structures I)
      => CSC 102 (Fundamentals of Computer Science II); see above
      => MATH 118 
      => MATH 119
The topics you should be familiar with are
  • numbers, sets, relations, functions and trees
  • propositional and predicate logic
  • complexity of algorithms
  • analysis of algorithms
  • software development process
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