Points 25
Deadline March 12

CSC 481 Winter 2002 Assignment 2

Your task for this homework is to develop a classification or diagnostic system for a limited domain in CLIPS/Jess. You can choose your own application domain, but please check it with me before you start working on it.

Examples of such systems are Animal Guessing 1 (relatively large number of different animals), Animal Guessing 2 (not as many animals, but the user can add animals by providing appropriate questions), Car Diagnostic, Mazda RX 7 Diagnostic, or Used Car Advisor.

The emphasis for this assignment should be more on the design of the knowledge-based system, and not so much on implementation-oriented issues with CLIPS or Jess. As a minimum, your knowledge base should cover 20 different samples (objects or cases), query the user interactively for input (either through a command line or a simple GUI), and provide the appropriate diagnosis or classification as output. To obtain the full points, you should also let the user add knowledge interactively (see animal-2.clp for an example). The deadline for this assignment is Monday, February 25.

You must submit the following items:

  1. a file containing the knowledge base (facts and rules) for the domain
  2. a file with test runs demonstrating at least five sample cases
  3. a README file with instructions for using your program
  4. a document illustrating the structure of your knowledge base, e.g. as a decision tree or graph

I will use the following grading guidelines:

  1. 15 points correct formulation of the rules and facts for your application domain
  2. 5 points for the capability to let the user add additional knowledge interactively
  3. 3 points for the test runs
  4. 2 points for the README file, diagram and explanation, and documentation of the source code

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