CSC 481 Winter 2002 Project Template Part 2

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CSC 481 Winter 2002: [Project Name]: Documentation Part 2

CSC 481 Winter 2002: [Project Name]: Documentation Part 2

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n this second part of the project, you will further evolve some of the aspects already addressed in the first part. Then you need to describe the new design, especially the changes you made in response to user feedback on the early stages of the prototype. You also need to describe the prototype; try to keep the design issues mentioned above separate from more technical implementation issues. You must also include instructions for the installation and use of the prototype. Finally, you need to describe the testing and evaluation plan to be carried out by the evaluation team.

Project Description

This can be a revised version from the first part.

User Feedback

Describe the reactions of users to the initial prototype of your system. If appropriate, indicate changes in user requirements and design criteria, and how they affect the design of the system.

System Design

Describe the overall design of your system, as much as possible independent of the actual implementation of the prototype. Concentrate on the aspects of the system that are most relevant to the user; for the functions "behind the scene", a broad sketch is sufficient. This description should be usable as the basis for an implementation of the full-scale system, possibly with different tools and technologies than those used for the prototype.

Prototype and Implementation

In this section, you describe the actual prototype, and the methods, technologies, tools and development environments used for its implementation. It should only be detailed enough for a skilled person to install, test and evaluate your prototype; it should not be a complete documentation of the implementation.

Testing and Evaluation Plan

The testing and evaluation plan specifies how the functionality, performance and usability of your system is to be assessed. Specify at least two different evaluation methods, explain why they are suitable for your particular project, and describe how they should be carried out. Make sure that your plan is consistent with the (possibly revised) evaluation criteria defined earlier. And again keep in mind that the actual evaluation will be carried out by a different team, who will have to rely on your instructions.

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