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CPE 481 Knowledge-Based Systems Winter 2004

CPE 481Knowledge-Based SystemsWinter 2004 Assignments

Types of Assignments

Assignments for this class may consist of exercises related to the course material, or programs to be written.

Individual Assignments

Unless explicitly stated otherwise, all assignments are individual assignments. Whereas I encourage you to discuss the problems to be solved with classmates, each student has to submit his or her own solution. It is not acceptable to use somebody else's solution as a "blueprint" or "inspiration", or to copy and paste material from other students. In the case of programs, all the code submitted must be written by yourself. The use of code libraries is permitted, but you should document their use.

Programming Language

All programming assignments for the course have to be done in the CLIPS or Jess system, and they have to run on the configuration of the lab machines used for the course (e.g. room 14-232). It is your own responsibility if you use other development tools, resulting in code that doesn't run on the lab configuration.

Distribution of Assignments

Usually paper copies of the assignment will be distributed in class. Electronic versions are available on the Class pages; follow the links below, or go through the Class Schedule page.

Submission of Assignments

Unless noted otherwise, assignments should be submitted electronically. Follow this link for directions.

Deadline and Late Submissions

The deadlines are specified on the assignment handout; you can also see the planned deadlines for future assignments on the Class Schedule. Assignments submitted late are subject to a 10% deduction per late day; no late assignments will be accepted after the solution has been distributed, or discussed in class.

Grading and Return of Assignments

Usually I give points for assignments, not letter grades. All the assignments for the course add up to 100 points, which is then scaled to the contributing factor with respect to the overall grade (e.g. 20%). Alternatively, I may use 100 points per assignment, with a weight factor for each individual assignment.

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