Requirements Specification
for an Electronic Calendar Tool
Version 0.1
30 September 2015

Editorial Note: This milestone example, and the others to follow, provide concrete examples of roughly what 308 class milestones should look like. Throughout the examples, there are editorial notes interjected, to explain important points. The notes are set off from the rest of the text in indented italics, to indicate that they should not be considered part of the document itself.

This first example illustrates roughly what your Milestone 1 should look like (Section 1 of the requirements specification document corresponds to 308 Milestone 1.) The numbered sections in the document are based on the sections outlined in the requirements specification document outline distributed in the first week of class.

This is a first rough draft of Section 1, so things can be expected to change as the project evolves. However, the basic sections of the report provide a working framework for organizing all of our ideas.


1.  Introduction
     1.1. Problem Statement
     1.2. System Personnel
     1.3. Operational Setting
     1.4. Impacts
     1.5. Related Systems
         1.5.1. Microsoft Outlook
         1.5.2. Apple iCal
         1.5.3. Google Calendar
         1.5.4. Now Software Now-Up-to-Date
         1.5.5. Claris Organizer
         1.5.6. Feature Comparison Matrix