2.2.1. Adding a new class

To view the manager screen, the user must navigate from the home page after logging in. It is only available to professors. Once logged in, they are able to view the manager.

Figure Example of empty manager.

To create a new class, the user clicks on the 'New Class' button. The program displays the following screen:

Figure Example of empty new class dialogue.

The user then fills in the name of the class, and adds students. A small dialogue pops up with a simple searching function when adding students, as shown below. The professor also selects who can view tutorials in the class. The 4 options are anyone who has a link to the page, only students and above who are enrolled in the class, only TA's and professors, or only the professors.

Figure Example of filled-in new class dialogue.

The user then presses the 'OK' button, and the new class is created in the list, as shown below.

Figure Example of manager with newly created class.