1.5. Related Systems

Popular tools that provide guidance and tutorials on computer science topics and have features similar to the CSTutor program include:

Each of these tutorial programs provides information and guidance on various topics in computer science. The goal of the CSTutor is to provide the best features from the above tools and also features not found in any of them. There are critical elements in the CSTutor that are not found in any other tutorial system:

  1. Better analysis of the progress of individual students and of a class.
  2. Instructors have the ability to hold online office hours, which includes chat functionality with students.
  3. Remote desktop control for instructors to influence a student’s tutorial.
  4. Routinely testing students’ knowledge of concepts that have been covered through mini-quizzes or programming activities.

A detailed review of each related tool follows in these subsections:

Following these reviews, a summary of the features is provided in a feature comparison matrix.

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