1.3. Operational Setting

Prior to the implementation of the Computer Science Tutor, there are no automatic learning assistance softwares that have been made specifically for Cal Poly students. There are a number of online learning assistance softwares that students have access to, but perhaps are not aware of.

The Computer Science Tutor software is intended for the Tutoring Center to better educate struggling computer science students. It may also serve a role in teaching self-paced online classes. The software allows students to learn at a self-paced speed about computer science fundamentals. Instructors can use existing content, or create new content. They can also monitor the progress of their students and then change their teaching plan to reinforce topics that their students are struggling with.

At this current time, the customer has made no request to interface with existing systems. However, if there are current computer science tutoring plans, the program may be updated.

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