CPE 101
Winter 2007
Lab 8 Alternate Assignment

Due Date:  Fri May 25 5:00pm
Topic: Arrays

  1. Read the complete problem description.
  2. Write a test plan for your program in your lab notebook.
  3. Design an algorithm that will solve the problem and write the algorithm as pseudocode in your lab notebook. Your algorithm should be programming language independent, yet precise enough that it could be given to another 101 student and they could implement it.
  4. Implement your solution as a C program. Compile and test your solution (using your test plan).
  5. Make sure everything is thoroughly documented and that the header comment contains your names.

  6. Transfer your finished program to your hornet account.  Use the following handin command being sure to replace the x with your section number.

           handin  cs101-x  lab08  roman.c

  7. Inform the instructor that you have submitted your work and wait for him to execute your solution with his test data. If your program passes, your finished, otherwise you'll need to repair your program and resubmit it.