The purpose of the test plan is to describe how you intend to empirically verify that the software you develop conforms to the specifications. In other words, you need to be able to show that every requirement in the specification has been met. You want to be able to demonstrate that your program operates correctly, not just for a single test case, but for all data that a user might reasonably enter.

The topic of software testing is discussed throughout the text. Be sure you have studied the sections relevant to the program you are developing.

Your test plan should provide enough test cases to thoroughly exercise your code under a variety of normal and abnormal input conditions. At a minimum your test data must cause every branch in the program to be executed at least once. Include test data for boundary conditions, and be sure that all error conditions are tested.

Test Plan Form (HTML)

Test Plan Form (Microsoft Word)


Completing the Test Plan form

Student Write your name.

Program Write the name of program you are testing.

No. Number each test case, so that you can later refer to it when annotating your printout.

Description Describe the feature of the software to be tested, i.e., which part of the specification are you verifying with this test case.

Input Data Write the actual input data to be provided to the program.

Expected Output

Write the output you expect the program will produce for the given inputs. Be sure to include any manual calculations necessary to determine the expected outputs. (For example, if the program converts Fahrenheit temperature to Celsius, show the hand computations you did using the conversion formulas to arrive at the expected results).

Example of Completed Test Plan (Heart Rate Program)

Example of Completed Test Plan (Triangle Program)

Example of Completed Test Plan (Notices Program)