CPE 101 Required Unix skills

In this course you will be developing programs in a Unix environment.
Below is a description of the skills needed to complete the assignments.
Be certain you understand what each of the following descriptions means.
Practice so that you can perform each skill fluently under the pressure of a timed practical exam.

Connect to the CSc Unix server from a remote computer.  (Using ssh or PuTTY).
Show the names of files in the current directory.
Show the contents of a file, a page at a time.
Navigate to a subdirectory.
Navigate to your home directory.
Make a new directory.
Create or modify a file using the "nano" text editor.
Copy-and-paste source code from a web browser into the "nano" editor.
Compile a program.
Find a particular line in the editor.
Run an executable file.
Rename a file.
Delete a file.

Also Suggested:
Copy a file
Move a file to a different directory


Sample Scenario

You should practice the following scenario until you can complete it in less than ten minutes.  You may use the Unix Essentials reference page.

  1. Connect to the CSc Unix server from a remote computer.  (Using ssh or PuTTY).
  2. Navigate to your CPE101 directory.
  3. Show the names of files in the CPE101 directory.
  4. Create a new subdirectory named scenario1.
  5. Navigate to this new directory.
  6. Start the "nano" text editor to create a new file named ounces.c.
  7. Copy-and-paste this source code into nano.
  8. Exit nano, saving the file.
  9. Compile the program.
  10. Diagnose the error message.
  11. Use nano to display the indicated line number.
  12. Correct the syntax error.
  13. Compile the program.
  14. Run the executable file.
  15. Provide input data of 9887.
  16. Show the contents of the ounces.c file, a page at a time.
  17. Rename the executable file, giving it a new name of scenario1.exe.
  18. Compile the source file again, creating a new a.out file.
  19. Show the names of the files in the directory.
  20. Delete the a.out file.
  21. Use handin to submit your completed source file.
Watch the instructor complete this scenario in 3 minutes and 13 seconds (video).