Case Studies

Here are some example software development case studies.

Traffic Jam    A simple puzzle game.  Examples of both functional approach and object oriented approach.

Hangman   The classic word game in solitaire version with remote word server and plug-in user interface.

ATM Simulator    Automated Teller Machine simulation, showing object oriented approach.

Employee Scheduler Project Page     Artifacts from a CPE 205 student team project.

Encounter role-playing game.  Artifacts from the Braude textbook extended case study.

Lines of Code Counter[228K]
    This example shows how to organize the folders for the application source code (in packages), system tests, and unit tests.

Proof of Concept Prototype

Game 2D.  Here is a zip file of the source code for the Game2D case study from the Stiller textbook.  Features client/server networking and a simple GUI.

Storyboard Prototype

MBS Sokoban's Adventure

Refactoring Problems


Max-It game and Java source code.

Web Crawler article and Java source code.

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