How to create an Integration Schedule from a Class Diagram

1. Study the Class Diagram to identify dependencies.


class diagram

Vehicle depends on Gasoline, so Gasoline must be implemented before Vehicle.
Airplane depends on Pilot, so Pilot must be implemented before Airplane.
Airplane is derived from Vehicle, so Vehicle must be implemented before Airplane.

2.  Based on this analysis, draw a module dependency chart.

md chart

The modules at the top of the chart get implemented first, the ones at the bottom, last.

3. Based on the ordering in the chart, create a table showing the date each module needs to be integrated.

Feb 1
Feb 1
Feb 2
Feb 3

A real schedule will have many more columns for each of the activities associated with each module, as in this example schedule.

Exercise: Create the integration schedule for the modules in this class diagram. (You can ignore the Unit Test classes). Assume there are two developers (so at most two modules can be integrated per day). Begin the calendar on Monday May 14, 2012.