Integration Schedule Template

An important tool for scheduling is the Integration Schedule. It is a table which shows every module to be developed during the current stage and the order that modules will be implemented and integrated into the build.  This schedule requires very careful planning and is crucial to getting your product completed on time.  This table is a central plannning & tracking document and everyone will frequently refer to it. It must be kept accurate and current! It is the Implementation Manager's job to update it and publicize it daily.
Module Name Pkg Req # Author
Unit Test
Unit Code
Unit Code
Unit Tested
Intg8n Tests Written,
Intg8n Tests Pass Est 

Note: The plan initially contains planned dates.  When the task is completed the actual date should be noted below the planned date, as in the following example.
Unit Test
4/21/04 1100
4/22/04 1700

Field Descriptions:

Module: The name of the module. In Java, it's usually a class name, but could be a specific method such as "Employee.AddSkill()"
Pkg: The name of the Java package the module is in.
Req #: The reference number of the requirement from the specification that this module is needed for. If you didn't number your requirements, then you need to invent some other cross-referencing mechanism.  If the module satisfies multiple requirements, list the most important one.
Author: Name of person responsible for the module.
Unit Test Written: The planned date a module unit test (isolation test) scaffolding is implemented.
After unit test is created it should be committed to the repository so the testers can create an integration test from it.
Unit Code Written: The planned date the module code is written.
Unit Review: The planned date and time of the unit code review or inspection (optional: review of unit test).
Unit Code Done: The planned date the compiled module passes the unit tests (isolation) and Checkstyle. Once this has been demonstrated in the author's working directory, the unit is ready to integrate.
Intg8n Tests Written, Committed: The planned date the integration tests are available so Integration testing can begin. For selected modules, this will occur during scheduled lab time using the integration lab procedure.
LOC Est. and Actual: Estimated LOC and Actual LOC (once interated) for the module. 

Example student integration schedule   Hangman Case Study integration schedule

Other potential fields

Consider adding other fields that may be appropriate for your project, such as:
Consider using color coding or other visual indicator to identify integration "increments" or "steps."

Document History
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