Configuring SQLite JDBC driver for NetBeans.

NetBeans comes with a MySQL driver, but student accounts don't have enough room to install a MySQL server.  Instead there's a small, light database called SQLite that is already installed on Fedora in the CSc labs.

These directions will explain how to configure NetBeans to work with SQLite.

1. Login to Fedora.
From the menubar, select Applications -> Programming -> NetBeans
Wait for NetBeans to launch.

2. Click the "Services" tab.

3. Expand the "Databases" node and right-click on "Drivers". 

4. A "New JDBC Driver" dialog appears. Click "Add...".
In the "Select Driver" dialog, enter in the "File Name" field
Click OK.

5. Click Find.   "org.sqlite.JDBC" should appear in the Driver Class text field.

6. In the Name field type "SQLite jdbc driver"
Click OK.

7. Expand the Drivers node, and you should see the SQlite entry.


You can exit NetBeans.