John's Climbing Photo Gallery

Tenaya Peak
John and friends after climbing Tenaya Peak
(summer 2004)

Tenaya Peak
John and Mike relax on the summit.

Tenaya Peak
John nears the summit of Tenaya Peak

Angel Wings
The most beautiful place on the Earth; Angel Wings, Sequoia National Park.

Church Tower
A scenic spire in Yosemite Valley

Fairview Dome
John after his ascent of the classic 800' northwest face of Fairview Dome in Tuolumne (Summer 2000).

Mt. Conness
John climbing the West Face of Mt. Conness.

Mt. Brewer
Some of John's Outward Bound students, after their successful climb of Mt. Brewer (background).

John and Brian 3000 feet up on the Nose of El Capitan.

John on the ascent of Mt. Ritter.

John climbing near Mt. Ritter.

Snake Dike
John on the Southwest face of Half Dome.

Mt. Darwin
John on the approach to Mt. Darwin.

Machete Ridge
Summit of Machete Ridge (Pinnacles N.M.)

John hiking the hills of his home town, San Luis Obispo.

John in southern Yosemite (2008).

More photos of Pinnacles National Monument and Outward Bound in the Ansel Adams Wilderness

All photos copyright by John Dalbey.