John Seng bio photo

John Seng

CSC/CPE Professor


Current Projects


Herbie is an autonomous robot project that I have been working on. Follow him on Instagram.


NVIDIA Jet is a collaboration with NVIDIA to develop teaching material to teach robotics utilizing the Jetson TK1/TX1 platform.


Roboshield is a robotics shield for the Arduino Mega.


The Bumblebee is a robot controller board developed for ease of use and wiring fault tolerance.

Past Projects

Aithon Board

Aithon Board was a Kickstarter project based on the STM32F4. This board was designed by a couple of students and myself. We received some local publicity with this project.

PolyBot Board

The PolyBot Board was used at Cal Poly for a few years. It is based on the ATMega644P and is designed with all through-hole components.