Authors: Marii Boyken, Ansley Chen, Emily Mullins


Our project is a 2.5D game developed in Unreal Engine 4.The proposed game will be run on a personal computer. It
will be a single-player game. The player will fly the character through the sky from a side view, third-person view.
It will be in 2.5D, meaning the character and interactive objects will be 3-dimensional but the backgrounds
and effects will be 2-dimensional.

The Greek god Apollo has messed up the stars in the sky. As the sun sets and the evening approaches, Apollo orders
his assistant, Lathos, to fix his mistakes. Lathos needs to gather stars and rebuild the constellations before
the sun completely sets and the sky is dark. The player will control Lathos in his mission.

The star-collecting gameplay will be 2.5D from a side view. The player will use WASD or the arrows to move the character
as they fly in one direction. The more stars the player collects, the heavier Lathos will be and the slower and
closer the ground he gets. The constellation-building aspect of the game, which will rid Lathos of stars and give him
a boost from becoming lighter, will utilize the Leap Motion Controller to allow the player to rotate a 3D cluster
of stars until they match a constellation's orientation.

Completed Assets

Lathos' companion and head of chariot. Modeled and textured by Emily. Rigged by Marii.                  Lathos, the protagonist. Modeled and rigged by Marii.

Collectible stars. Modeled and textured by Ansley.                                  Chariot. Modeled and textured by Emily.

The constellations that will show after the player has completed the constellation. Designs by Ansley and Emily. Lines by Ansley. Coloring by Marii and Emily.

Milestone One: 25% (Thursday, April 20, 2017)

For the first milestone, we completed a basic, playable level where the player (currently the example model from Unreal's starter packs) can collect stars.
The models and animations that we completed previously are now imported into the level.

Milestone Two: 50% (Tuesday, May 9, 2017)

For the second milestone, we restricted the player's movement to only the right direction and adjusted the level design accordingly.
The first two images above illustrate the integration of the models and animations onto one of our machines.
The images also show the ability to rotate a 3D cluster of stars. Once the stars are aligned (perspective will be
changed so that it is more obvious), the alignment is detected. The bottom two images illustrate the the 2D cloud platforms and
the star collection counter integrated on another machine. These will be intergrated into the same working copy for the next milestone.

Milestone Three: 75% (Thursday, May 18, 2017)

For the third milestone, we integrated all our models and animations into the star-collecting level. We also completed the final
level design for the star-collecting level. At the end of the star-collecting, you are now transported to the constellation-building
level. In this level, we have updated the aesthetic of the previous iteration of the star alignment. Once you have aligned the
the constellation, you can check your work by pressing Space. If it is correct, the star cluster will disappear and the name of
the constellation will appear, along with its representation.

Milestone Four: 85% (Thursday, 25, 2017)

For the fourth milestone, we made added 9 more constellation-building levels and 9 more star-collecting levels. The star-collecting
levels are not uniquely designed yet, but the levels play in the proper sequence from the first level to the final constellation-
building level.

Milestone Five: 90% (Thursday, June 1, 2017)

For the fifth milestone, we fixed the camera view to be orthographic instead of perspective so that the constellations are now able
to perfectly line up with the images as intended. We also added the new portals and set them to rotate.

Milestone Five: 100% (Tuesday, June 13, 2017)

For the final milestone, we added a title menu to the game and music to each level. We also added a sound effect and fade effect
when the player completes a constellation. We updated the HUD to be more clear with instructions for the player. We also added
the constellation to each level after it had been built. Below is our final gameplay video.