Welcome to ICEX, the International Computer Engineering Experience. For the last few years, ICEX has been taking university students to the country of Malta to explore and map out the oceans there. Malta is a tiny island country in the Mediterranean Sea, with only 316 square kilometers of land, and over 3,000 square kilometers of ocean. The archeologists of Malta have a goal for Malta to be the first nation with all of its ocean floors mapped out. Students from ICEX are helping with this project.

ICEX uses Autonomous Underwater Vehicles (AUVs), deployed off boats and the shores of Malta), to collect sonar and video data of the ocean floors and shipwrecks. Archeologists want to find all of the shipwrecks around the island and map them out in order to preserve and protect these historic ocean landmarks. For more general information see: ICEX CP home

Below are some of the shipwrecks that have been discovered and explored. Select the links for an interactive experience and a up close view of these underwater treasures.

Beaufighter Plane

Beaufighter Plane Up Close of Engine

X127 Lighter

X127 Lighter Up Close of Side

HMS Maori

Tail of JU 88 Airplane

Body of JU 88 Airplane

Fairey Swordfish

The map below shows some locations of well known wrecks in Malta