Outreach focused on computational art for secondary

This page represents joint work with Santa Barbara High School in order to introduce the students to art/design and animation principles via a text based programming environment using Processing. The curriculum is intended to build both student's art and computing skills. This curriculum is being developed by myself, Z. Wood, with high school teacher, P. Muhl and with some assistance from Cal Poly student, K. Hicks. This is currently (Fall 2014) a work in progress.

Lab 1 - intro (creativity loves constraints)
Lab 2 - creature
Lab 3 - precision
Lab 4 - warm/cool colors
Lab 5 - golden ratio
Lab 6 - composition
Lab 7 - vanishing point
Lab 8 - teeth
Lab 9 - generative art
Lab 9.5 - shading
Lab 10 - parametric curves
Lab 11 - textures (implicit)

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