CSC 123 - Introduction to Computing – Computational Art

Professor: Zoë J. Wood

Welcome to Computational Art -- Fall 2016.
We will be learning all about the exciting field of computer science using P5.js. You can also check out many of the student's lab results on pinterest.

Course material:
Student work Fall 2016

Labs and assignments in order thus far:
All thumbnail images are compilations of single static images of students results from Fall 2015

Lab 1 - expressionist animal
Lab 2 - Blexbolex
Download Grid Helper example code
Program 1 - Animated Blexbolex
Student work on program 1 Fall 2016
Lab 3 - surrealism juxtaposition
Program 2 - Surrealism mash up
Lab 4 - generative art
Lab 5 - celtic knot
Program 3 - Art Nouveau curves
Lab 6 - impressionism & implicit equations
Lab 7 - animating multiple elements (arrays)
Lab 8 - image processing: Warhol filter
Program 4 - Image Processing self portrait
Lab 9 - articulated character animation
Lab 10 - particle systems
Final Project Description

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