Deserted Statue

Andy Tan - CPE 471 - Fall 2016


For my final project, I wanted to create a scarier scene with more intermediate level graphics techniques. The program puts you next to a mysterious statue in a deserted forest.


  • Shadow Mapping
  • Multiple Lighting
  • Phong Shading
  • Camera Transformations
  • Spotlight
  • Demos

    Multiple Lighting

    Shadow Mapping


    End Result

    Lessons Learned

  • Make sure your choice of mesh is an appropriate number of vertices, if it's too large you have to compress it
  • Name all the variables appropriately, these projects get fairly large
  • References

  • Beethoven Mesh
  • Grass Mesh
  • Dead Tree Mesh
  • Flashlight Tutorial
  • Multiple Lighting Tutorial
  • Shadow Mapping Tutorial 1
  • Shadow Mapping Tutorial 2