Snowball Hunt

By: Cory Slaught

The Game

In this project the player is free to move along a plane in search of bunnies hidden in buildings. The player must use the space bar to shoot a snowball at the bunnies. When the bunnies are hit they will shrink into oblivion.

Collision Detection

Collision detection in this game is handled by projecting a sphere around the bunnies bassed of of their scaling. When the snowball's distance from the bunnies center is less than its radius, the bunny will be marked as hit.

When Hit

When hit, a bunny will begin to spin and quickly shrink down to zero scaling, where the bunny will no longer be drawn by the program. When this happens the player will be told the number of bunnies left and the total bunny counter will decrement by 1. Until no bunnies are left.

Game Over, You Win

When all bunnies have been found and hit, the score board will display your time. The faster time the better. Pressing R at any point in the game will reset both the game and the timer, for those looking to beat their own scores. HAVE FUN!!!