Jeremy Billote - CSC471 Final Project


Implement a world builder that allows users to place objects/meshes in the world as they see fit and allow to save/load scenes.

Project Description

Unless a world file is provided, the user is initially presented with an empty world. Regardless of the initial world, the user can freely move around the scene and place objects. Objects can be translated and rotated along/about any axis via keyboard. This allows for fine changes in position/rotation. The world can also be saved to load later.


final_project <Path to resources directory> <OPTIONAL: World file to load>

World File Format

World files are plaintext and contain the following information in this order:

The program does not validate world file structure; it just expects the data in this order.


Lessons Learned

Knowledge Deepened

External Resources

World built for in-class demo Bunny mesh used (editor mode) Sword mesh imported from Final Fantasy XIV (editor mode) Sphere mesh used (editor mode) Cube mesh used (editor mode) Hierarchically-built snowman used (editor mode)