Infinite Driver / FPS Game

Michael Rutledge
CPE 471
Fall 2016


My final project is a driving game in which the player is going down a highway in the wrong direction into oncoming traffic. Unfortunately for the player, every other car on this freeway is on a suicide mission to ram them.

Armed with a grenade launcher, the hopeless driver has accepted their fate and can choose either to avoid everyone or take them down in a blaze of glory.

Controls and Gameplay

A - Strafe left
D - Strafe right
Mouse movement - Look around
Mouse click - Fire grenade

The player can only move left and right as their forward movement is automatically controlled. They are slowly but constantly accelerating forward. They can shoot their grenades at oncoming cars to destroy them or evade them completely. Both options will grant the player points. More points are given the closer they miss a car. Even more points are given for multikill chains with the grenade launcher.

If the player hits an enemy, it's game over. If the player shoots a grenade too close to their car, it's also game over; explosions don't just hurt bad guys.

Technologies / How It Works

This game is actually pretty simple. Everything is modeled after a cube object (except for grenades and explosions) and there is only one lighting source. Enemy cars, trees, and the player car and gun were all built on this style.

The most difficult aspect of designing this game was dealing with the grenade functionality. I had to implement a simple physics element to the game which would make it act like a real projectile. Also, I had to combine some simple collision detection with the physics to make sure it behaved somewhat realistically.


Everything I used in this project was learned through class lecture, labs, and assignments.