Spooky Town Spooky Town
By Alex Penman

Description: There is a ghost in the forest haunting the local townspeople! Equipped with nothing but your flashlight (that knows to turn on when it gets dark), you must head out and capture the ghost so the children may once again sleep peacefully at night. The forest has been blocked off by a big fence so grab the key outside of the town hall to start your journey. Stocking up on batteries before nightfall might be a good idea. Remember, unlike humans, the ghost can travel through trees. He also only shows himself at night, but that doesn't mean he sleeps during the day! He's always on the move to avoid detection. Good luck!


Pick-Up Items: Items are picked up by walking into them

How To Play:
  1. Player starts in the neighborhood right before sunrise
  2. Use controls to walk to the town hall and pick up the key to open the gate
  3. Optional: Pick up batteries to increase flashlight power
  4. Move to the forest to find the ghost
  5. Walk into the ghost during night to capture him
  6. Game exits and prints win message to console
Features Implemented:

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