Tank Wars is a simple first-person shooter game. In this game the player plays as a red tank with a bunch of enemy tanks surounded. The player has to destroy the enemy tanks. To win the game 12 enemy tanks have to be destroyed. The player looses when the tank is desstroyed.This is a quick fun. This game mainly demonstrates the techniques used in graphics. Game logic is not priorotized.

I spent about two weeks on this project since the proposal. I really had fun with it. I spent the most part on the tank rotation, bullet rotation, creating the models, and the physics. The techiques I used in this project are Garuand shading, transparency, texture mapping, simple lighting, simple particle system, cammera control and more.

'W' -- move forward
'S' -- move backward
'A' -- rotate body to the left
'D' -- rotate body to the right
'I' -- shoot
'J' -- rotate gun to the left
'L' -- rotate gun to the right

'C' -- toggle front/top view

Explore mode (to run Explore mode, run ./a.out x)
'T' -- move cammera forward
'G' -- move cammera backward
'H' -- move cammera to the left
'F' -- move cammera to the right
Mouse drag on screen -- adjust view

'Q' -- quit

Sample Video

Click to zoom in

Based code from Poly Learn
Algorithms from my iPhone project

Created by Arrak Rukkharat
contact: ghack@msn.com