Infect All Cubies In The Cage!

CPE 471

Richard Byungjin Bae
California Polytechnic State University - San Luis Obispo
Spring 2013


Infect Cubies is a simulation/game created in OpenGL. The goal of this game is to infect all the orange Cubies and turn them into pink Cubies.

Non-infected (Orange) Cubies

Initialized game screen

How To Play

User's task is simple. Just click inside the cage to spread the virus.
User will only get one chance to spread the virus.
The virus will spread in four directions. Up, down, left, and right.

Viruses are spreading!

User spreading purple virus spheres in the cage

Game Mechanics

The mechanics used in this game is very simple collision detection system that I have implemented for this game.
The game starts out with 15 non-infected or orange Cubies.
Each Cubie knows who is infected and who is not, but it doesn't recognize the virus objects.
So when the user fires off viruses in the beginning of the game, orange Cubies do not know the viruses are near them.
If orange Cubies collides with the pink virus spheres, they will turn into lethal pink Cubies!

Pink Cubies Appeared!

Cubies that were in contact with viruses have turned pink.

What's Next