Ring Collector

By: Brandon Tanaka

I created a game similar to the rail shooter genre of games, but in my game the goal is to collect as many rings as possible.


W: Move up

S: Move down

A: Move left

D: Move right

U: Speed up

Spacebar: Pause

Enter: Skip to next level

Below is a screenshot of the startup for the game.

To start playing, the user presses the spacebar. The user then tries to collect as many rings as they can. Each ring is worth 10 points. After collecting 5 rings, the plane will do a spiral, shown below.

After a ring is collected it will disappear. All rings are in sets of 4 and will either be going up, down, left, right, or centered. An example is shown below.

At the end of the level, the terminal will display the score received and prompt the user to press Enter to continue on to the next level. The end of the level is shown by the game pausing movement after the last set of rings. To start playing the next level the user then presses the spacebar to start moving.


Code given for the Geometry Creator demo

cessna500.m model given