BasketBox Game! by Justin Penalosa

Project Description:

BasketBox is a basketball game where the player gets to shoot a box into a hoop as many times as they want. There is an accuracy meter to throw your shot off and a "crazy mode" for an extra challenge.


  • "M" Shoot the box
  • "Z" Changes the accuracy of your shot
  • "X" "Crazy Mode" for an added challenge
  • "H" Reset Button
  • "Q" Exits the program

    How To Play:

    Figure 1: The default start of the game.

    Once the game opens up, begin by holding down "Z" to let the meter adjust. When the user feels the meter is accurate and around the middle, let go of the button. Press "M" to shoot the box!

    Figure 2: Making a shot.

    The user will know the shot was accurate and went in if the backboard lights up green.

    Figure 3: Missing a shot.

    If the shot was inaccruate, it will miss and bounce off the rim. The user will know their shot missed if the backboard lights up red.

    Figure 4: "Crazy Mode" has floating particles and a moving basketbox rim.

    In this mode, the user can try to make shots under distractions! The program currently does not fully support if the user made or miss the shot.


  • Hierarchical Modeling: All models in this program are hierarchically modeled and facilitate movement.
  • Animation: The box can be shot and bounces off the rim if the shot is missed. The rim can move left and right.
  • Particle Engine: Flying particles for distraction.