Mario Reloaded

By Jon Uder

For my final project I created a Mario-esque style game in which you collect coins, kill goombas, and attempt to reach the end of the level. In order to make ti slightly more difficult, the platform is somewhat narrow, so try not to fall off. After 3 deaths, or you make it to the Flag, the game ends.


WASD - Controls the camera movement (up, down, right, left)

Spacebar - Jump

q - Quits the game


The game begins!

Don't get too close to the edge, you'll fall off the side! (unless skydiving is your thing, this trip into the abyss will cost you 1 life and respawn you at the start of the game)

The goombas are hungry, as you approach them they move towards you. If you happen to run into one, there are grave consequences (-1 life and a nice respawn at the start).

Use the spacebar to jump over the enemies. If you jump on their head, like any other game, the goombas will not respawn.

Look out for the gaps and stairs in the path.

The end is near!

You have reached the end. Touching the flag will cause the end of the game.


Obj and Texture files

The objects and textures were taken from another Mario game - Here