Rock-em-Sock-em Robots

By Kyle Patterson and Matt Tondreau

We implemented a 2 player fighter game where each player controls a robot and attempts to punch the head off the opponent's robot. Players are able to control the horizontal movement of the robot (with their own keyboard) as well as when to punch or guard. Each player will can play remotely, and a centralized server manages all aspects of the game. The robots are modeled hierarchically and use a texture to display the varying facial expressions on the head. Animations were created for the punch, guard, and move (the legs do a shuffle).

Below is a punching animation. The punch missed, otherwise the face would have been updated.

A face update after being punched. The server keeps track of live counts for each player and ends the game accordingly.

A block animation with arm raised. If the opponent punched during the block interval, the player who blocked doesn't lose any lives.

Examples of textures (as well as the creators) used on the robot's head.