Brief Description:

I load a file into the IDA dissassembler. I then utilize IDAPython and an IDAPython script to dump the basic blocks. I then read the basic blocks into an opengl application which utilizes the FGTL font library to render the basic blocks as text.


Getting a 32bit linux capable vm was suprisingly difficult and annoying, due to new session managers display requirements and

IDA already has a really good display

Ida has a really good graphing and display engine in 2d tree structures.

openRCE was helpful as well as IDAPython's home page

Dissassembly Basic Block Dump Script:

Thanks to for izsh's basicblock building in idapython, had to modify it to.

Swordfish hacking image is fail:

Swordfish's hacking cubes look cool but the text is hard to read, this dissassembly display methodology is disappointing on close inspection -.-.

Displaying disassembly with FGTL

I had a lot of fun with fonts, although tibetanmachine didn't look as cool as I thought it would

Overall not sure if 3d disassembly rendering is actually helpful in analyzing dissasembler output. See README for more info.