CPE 471 Final Project - Alec James

Applying Graphics to Chemistry


Create a real world example add-on to a unit cell visualizing program.

Graphics Tech Explored


This project served two purposes for me: getting me off the hook for a graphics final project, and also getting me off the hook for a CHEM 466 fianl project. But what's CHEM 466, you ask? Well, it's a class that all general chemistry TAs at Cal Poly take. We discuss teaching methodology, as well as discuss lab activities in the classroom for the upcoming week. The course has a final project attached to it - make a tutoring video highlighting solution techniques for common problems in general chemistry. As the only resident CS chemistry TA, I figured I could do something a little more unique. It turns out that one of our prior seniors (his name's Corbin) built a unit cell visualizing program, and I've added on to it, following his design.

New Features