Bowser Shrine

Erin Greenlee, Spring 2017

Originally, I had wanted to create a moving Bowser, however, with the OBJ file just having one object for the body, that dream ended quickly. To commemorate the idea, I created an interactive Bowser shrine.

Technology Used

For this project I used texture mapping for the Bowser as well as manipulating the color of the texture for the grass. I wanted to do this because I created hotkeys switching the textures and I wanted everything to match throughout the texture changes. In addition, I used heirarchical modeling to animate the chimes, and Blinn-Phong shading on the entire room with point lighting.

Lastly, I wanted the shrine to feel haunted, so I created a camera shake effect by rapidly changing the view matrix and tinting the screen red. The screen randomly shakes from left to right and up to down, and then resorts to the last space when it's done. In addition, the pitch and yaw camera is included.


Project Screenshots

The starting screen for the shrine -- dark, scary, and luminous!

Bowser's normal garb with the chimes swinging slightly

Underwater Bowser!

Close up of the Bowser object created

Screen of the camera shake function.