Mountain Lake Water Simulation

In this project I wanted to explore different methods of simulating water in a simple Mountain Lake scene. The method employed here involves texturing and DuDv maps. To make the water "shimmer" with the mouse movements, clipping spaces were used in conjunction with the distortion effects of the DuDv map. The mountains were created using an obj file downloaded from the internet. The DuDv texture and the water texture were also downloaded from the internet. The respective files and their origins can be found in the Resources section.

The main idea that this project explored was the use of DuDv maps to distort the water texture for the appearance of ripples on the surface. To get the full look of the water, there was a long trial and error period in which various textures and distortion strengths were tested. To get the final characteristic of "shimmeriness" of the water in regards to the camera movement, clipping spaces were employeed to alter the texture's x and y values accordingly.

Below is an video demonstrating the characterisitics of the water simulation. Pay attention to how the water's surface reacts to the mouse movements.