Want to practice your hand at decorating, but don't want to bake a cake? Then this is for you! Decorate this delicious chocolate cake with your choice of pink roses, chocolate frogs, and candles that you light up with flames that have their own personality!



Particle Effects

Particles Effects were done using the provided code for Lab 10. Using this base code I was able to alter the code to move the flame to be on top of each candle. The flame starts a litle spread out above the candle and narrows to be directly above the candle as it goes up. The flame is variety of yellows and reds.

Texture Mapping and Models

For the chocolate frosting that covers the plate (frosting is messy), the cake, the chocolate frog, and the chocolate candles, I used a picture of frosting spread on brownies my roommate made. For the table cloth and rose, I found images online and the links are in resources. The candle and frog models can also be found in the resources as well. The cake and platter are cylinders made in Maya.

Camera Control

I initially wanted to have a camera that moved all the around the world surrounding the cake, but once I implemented it, it seemed pointless. I removed some of the degrees of motion and allowed the cake to rotate in place. This seemed easier for the user and more intuitive. The user can now rotate the cake, zoom in and out, and move the cake up and down.

Objects Following Mouse Movements

To allow the user to place objects on the cake, I transformed the current object to the location of the mouse in X and Y. For Z, if the object was in front of the cake, I placed the object on the front face of the cake; if the object to the side of the cake, the object is at the depth of the center of the cake. Once the mouse is click, the current object no longer follows the mouse and stays where it was placed. But this will only happen if the object is not to the side of the cake thus keeping the user from decorating the table.