CPE 471 Final Project

Aaron Gragg

References and Acknowledgments:

Aaron Jacobs

- The initial object loader (Mesh and NewMeshParser)


- The tree


- .DDS unpacking code


One of my favorite dreams has been one where I sat underneath a leafless tree. This tree had one fruit on the longest branch. I picked the fruit and it pulsated in my hand. It was making a beat to music I had been listening to as I fell asleep. I hoped to recreate something like that here.


There is a pulsing animation that is started on keyboard 'P'. The pulse is a translucent disk that expands and fades out before begining again. This pulse disk also rotates with respect to the camera so that it will always be facing the camera. It can be sped up or slowed down with keyboard 'Z' and 'X'. The fruit also pulses in time with the disk animation.

Though I am technically using textures, it does not appear so. At the moment they are not correctly mapped to create a bark over the tree.

The background/lighting is a sphere backdrop. Its depth can be controlled by keyboard 'Z' and 'X'.