Particle System

by Andy Tsao


A physics particle system (written in C++ / GLUT / OpenGL / CUDA) attempting to model fluids. The particle system contains particle on particle collision, particle on plane collision, dampening, and full phong shading. The parallel implementation was done in part with Drew Schulz and Andrew Wang for a parallel CSC 419 project. A lot of guidance was taken from Nvidia's sample particle system but only the algorithms were taken with many differences in implementations. All of the graphics, such as user input, rendering, lighting, ect, was done by myself, Andy Tsao. Collaboration with Drew and Andrew occurred to implement the naive parallel algorithms of the particle system. All the fluid graphics and algorithms was done individually. Specifically, I made the algorithms emulate fluids, graphically more appeasing, and technically more correct as there were some flaws.






Disclaimer: This code will only compile on computer equipped with NVIDIA GPU cards. nvcc and g++ must be linked in your .bashrc to compile.