Alvin Feng

Final Project - Cel Shading and

Features  |  Sample Screen shots


This program uses a simple game to demonstrate two interesting effects created using shading and texturing. The first effect is a non-photorealistic shading model known as cel shading. This effect tries to achieve a visual style similar to a cartoon drawn by hand. Rather than calculating diffuse light continuously across the model, the light intensity is clamped to certain step values, equal to the number of shades wanted across the model. Note that this effect tends to work best with bright, vibrant colors.

The second effect is inspired by comic book character Donna Troy.

As seen above, her outfit seems to be act as a window into the universe. When moving around, the stars on her outfit do not move with her, but different images appear as her movements correspond to moving the window around. This effect is achieved via texture mapping. A large texture acts as the background to the scene, and the cubes in the world are mapped to the texture using their pixel coordinates.

The world and controls are very simple. By moving the camera using the mouse, the dragon can be moved through the world using WASD. The dragon can also fire a small projectile that will destroy a cube on collision. The user can also change the number of shades for the cel shading by pressing 't' and 'y' (decrease and increase). Finally, the user can rotate between different colors of the dragon by pressing the ','.

Sample Screen Shots

Enlarged view of textured cube

Green dragon with 2 shades

Green dragon with 3 shades

Red dragon

Blue dragon

Yellow dragon