Hierarchical Modeling Battle Simulation

by Garrett Summers


A simulation of a battle between two warriors. Similar to a Street Fighter game, the program lets you move your character around in a horizontal fashion. Each character has an attack move along with a defend move. Each character was built with hierarchical modeling. The joints that hold the models together are then moved through scripted animation based off of which key on the keyboard is pressed. Camera control has been included to be able to view the scene from several angles. The program was written in C++ / GLUT / OpenGL.

Key Features



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Note: The code is as clean as I could get it. The hierarchical modeling is fairly well commented, while the animation section has its main sections commented. Animations are identifiable via a (generally) 4 character code at the start of the variable name. Ex) LKMS -> (Side)(Body Part)(Axis-warning** not standard axis labels)(model) -> LeftKneeMoveShield
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