CPE471 Final Project

Matthew Gerdt


For my final project I created a simple city building simulator.

I created a ground plane that the user could place different objects

which could be selected from the white boxes located on the bottom of

the screen. I was also able to work with an ART 384 student and

implemented some .obj modeled for me from them.

Please note that in my project the .mtl was not loaded,

that is why the models do not have any material on them

and look quite plain.


A simple movement scheme allows the player to move around the world looking at the objects.

q - Quit

w - Forward

s - Backward

a - Left

d - Right

1 - Red model

2 - Blue model

3 - Green model

r - Rotate current model

i - Move selection tile up

k - Move selection tile down

j - Move selection tile left

l - Move selection tile right

0 - Saves the current models to save.txt


Overview shot

Some different models placed

A great air battle


Used Grant Plaster's .obj loader

Models from ART 384 student Derek Fong