Star Fox 64 Training Mode Simulator

Star Fox 64 Training Mode Simulator

CSC 471 Winter 2014

by Matthew Trinh


A Star Fox 64 Simulator(written in C++ / GLUT / OpenGL) that tries to mimic the original Star Fox's 64 Training Mode. Although not entirely like the Training Mode (no bombs, arwing health/lives, arwing somersault, etc), I did my best to try to simulate every other feature that was in the Star Fox 64 Training Mode.

The actual Star Fox 64 training mode.

Graphics Features

Controls/How To Play

Shoot as many crates and go through as many rings as you can using the arwing. Navigate the arwing with the WASD keys and fire lasers to destroy crates. Lasers go in a linear direction and disappear after they travel a certain distance. Use the barrel roll to get strafe left and right faster! Collect as many points as you can and head to the finish line to see your score.


Elevate Arwing Height
De-elevate Arwing Height
Strafe Left (Hold to do Strafe Animation)
Strafe Right (Hold to do Strafe Animation)
Do a Barrel Roll!
Fire a laser!
   Left Mouse(Drag)
Move the camera around

Pictures Of the Simulator

The front model of the arwing. The arwing is always facing in front of the camera because of how Star Fox 64 works, so you won't be able to view this in the simulator.

The stage that imitates the Star Fox 64 Training Stage.

The arwing shooting red lasers. The lasers are individually phong shaded to get a laser similar to the Star Fox 64 lasers.

When the laser comes in contact with a crate, it explodes and you earn a point. Lasers disappear after a certain length traveled.

Going a ring will give you a temporary speed boost and give you 3 points.

If you collide with a crate with your arwing, the arwing and the camera will detect you are colliding with a crate and stop until you aren't colliding a crate, and then it will resume.

You can do a barrel roll left or right and strafe 4 times as fast during the barrel roll. Use it to go through a ring and immediately barrel roll to a crate on the other side to shoot it to get more points.

Once you hit the finish line, your score will be outputted to the terminal screen and the game is over.