CSC 471 Final Project - Thomas Sanford

For my final project, I decided to work with hierarchical modelling. More specifically, I planned on making a 3rd person camera that followed a player controlled character with a walking animation. Having completed this early on however, I decided to add a few more things to make it more interesting.

The final version is what I like to call a deserted island simulator. The player controls a character who is stuck on an island. There is a tree and a rock, as well as a turtle that walks around. From a more technical aspect, each of these objects have collision detection with the player. The turtle also has collision detection with the other objects. There is also an "invisible wall" around the island that prevents the player from leaving.

The controls for the program are as follows:
-w/a/s/d = Character movement. These keys allow the player to move the character forwards/left/back/right with respect to the camera.
-f = Exploded view. Pressing this key will "explode" the character by placing space between the individual parts of the model. This is useful for seeing how the animation is set up.
-mouse = Camera control. By clicking and dragging, the player can rotate the camera around the player. This will also change what direction the player will move when a movement key is pressed.

Following are some screen shots of the program in action:

Here is an image of the various objects in the program. The camera is showing a frontal view of the player character:

This image shows the exploded view of the character:

The character part way through it's walking animation:

A close up of the turtle:

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